How Turkcell fizy Doubled their Push Open Rates through Netmera

Turkcell* fizy is one of the most popular music platforms in Turkey which offers millions of songs and music videos, fizy-exclusive video content, hundreds of lists and popular radio channels. fizy provides a high-end music listening experience via both desktop and mobile with a high sound quality.
Like every brand, mobile engagement (and therefore getting attention from their young customer base) was the top priority for fizy app. fizy needed to target the right audience at the right time and promote the right content in order to increase active users and mobile engagement. They utilised Netmera’s targeted push notifications in addition to Netmera’s customer engagement expertise in the Telecom industry.
Download our usecase for free and see how fizy used an interesting approach such as using emojis in their communications and achieved receiving more attention from their users, and more mobile engagement than ever with significant open rate numbers.
* Turkcell is the biggest GSM operator in Turkey with 35.3 million subscribers.
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