CRYPTTECH is a technology and software company that develops national – local solutions in the field of Cyber Security, Defense Industry & Artificial Intelligence. CRYPTTECH was established in 2006 and has launched its first product in 2008. CRYPTTECH, continues to develop new technologies and solutions in the field of Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence in Istanbul Yıldız Technical University Technology Development Zone and in Ankara Hacettepe University Technology Development Zone. CRYPTTECH products and technologies are being used in private and public institutions and organizations in more than 1000 large-scale enterprises and over 3000 SMEs. CRYPTTECH is taking actions to operate abroad to place its products at global markets, contribute cyber security projects at other countries and to contribute the export economic growth of Republic of Turkey. CRYPTTECH, opened its first overseas office in Silicon Valley, California and continuing its efforts to open new offices in Europe and Middle East regions. Neuromorphic Artificial Intelligence Technologies to apply in the areas of Defense Industry and Cyber Security are among the new targets of CRYPTTECH.

Phone number is +90 212 217 7017
Information Technology & Services
Company size
51-200 employees
72 on LinkedIn 
Istanbul, Esenler
Privately Held
Information Security, Log Management, Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), Hotspot Management Systems, Availability/Content/Vulnerability Management, Cloud Based Security, Managed Security Services, Penetration Tests, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Loss Prevention, Neuromorphic Artificial Intelligence Technologies, and Defense Industry

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